Wind in December

(For farmers in the December wind)

Wearing this December wind without enough cloth
Frozen behind barricades of police lines
Twisted and turned.
Hungry in the middle of nights
To wipe off blood by the curbs
From heads smashed.

I wrapped you up with bandages in the miles to go
Before I sleep and the promise
to keep as your wounds and bruises
Spread out all over the bodies
I tended you with medicine, pain killer,
And a heart shattered.

I walked you three days and three nights
From main street to the dead end.
My heart grew heavy
while the first aid kit turned light
I left my fear behind
And carried on my shoulder bandages and medicine
Which has neither slogan, political agenda, nor anger.
I walked silently into the evening breeze
Surrounded by riot police.

If I am the one who has been hurt,
Don’t let my hurt be wasted,
Let it find meaning in you tonight.
If I am the one who has been harmed,
Don’t let my heart be handicapped,
Let the blood and tears to dry on it’s own
Without fear, as I closed my door on fear
The ones who harmed me
Become helpless.

Tonight, I walk you on my own suffering
My own pain and my own wound.
Tonight, I carry the first aid kit that rescued me
To sooth your pain.
Don’t ask me why.
I have no reason, I want nothing, I have nothing
No tear, no fear, no turn back, and no food
To walk you into sunrise from moonset, until
My first aid kit is empty.
In emptiness
There is something

Out of nothing
A heart simple
Genuinely has nothing
Except being

October 2, 2006 Hong Kong
(translated from orignal Chinese poem written on the same day)

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