Farewell to weeping

It might just be for one night
A split second
That’s alright
The closed door is blown
opened by the wind
sneaked inside the room
crystal clear and clean
is the smell in the dream
of the ran away flower
just returned home
now drunk

With drunken eyes, look at
the Night Blooming Cereus blossoms
from mid night to dawn.
We escaped death by crossing over
corpses of flowers that died
in peace and in melancholy.
We walked on the corpses of flowers and leaves
dropped onto every poem
with nothing
except hearts naked
entangled with bodies and
poems swallowed by
The ankles and toes
are searching for wounds
in deep dark corners
again and again
we caress each other.

At the funeral of flowers coming and going
We embrace
And say farewell
To the flower withered
And now picked up by me.
Please pick me up if I wither one day
like this flower
which could have been you
one day when you return home to your roots
like this flower returning to it's roots
I will buried you
deep inside
in sunrise and in moonset.

Tonight, this flower blossoms
and it is not quite the morning yet
We walk hand in hand
To send you off,
To send you off on a ferry
and wait
by walking more
to wait for another ferry,
and another ferry
We wait
from the last ferry
to the first ferry
we wait
from darkness to dawn.
Farewell, farewell
Farewell to weeping
As the wind blows
with fingers of a loving hand.

2006/8/19 Hong Kong
(translated from original Chinese version into English 2006/8/21)

Photo: Night Blooming Cereus on Stephanie's garden

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