Creative Process

Hey !
When are you going to finish your book ?
Your story is my story and my story is yours -
swappers of stories we are
tears, laughters, and life

Shoot and tell stories everywhere.
Want to do photographic journalism
in China ?
I need your camera !!
Whatever heavy for me
to you is light.

Uuummm, if you don't write up the script soon,
I am going to wrap up the story.
What is life
if not a creative process
Or, co-creation
of a book
or poem.


lau said...


How are you? Trust this message finds you all well.

I am a full-time Master of Journalism student at the Journalism and Media Studies Centre at the University of Hong Kong. I previously worked as a reporter and editor for a trade publication on jewellery and gemstones based in Hong Kong for a dozen years. I became quite bored with the job and decided to take a break and upgrade my academic qualifications by enrolling into the Master Degree Journalism course at HKU.

As part of my project for a course of New Media (it is to do with journalism in Web 2.0, Internet, blogs, etc.), I have set up a blog (http://wilsonlaulapshun.uniblogs.org/) and I have chosen to initiate discussion on the topic "changes in Buddhists' activities in Hong Kong since the handover in 1997". You can find related posts under the category "Final Project 6019". Objective of the project is to gather and analyse comments and thoughts on this topic from interested individuals who visit my blog. I also visit blogs and sites of Buddhists and get ideas and comments. The project is still at its initial stage and I sort of have an idea on focusing on four aspects for discussion: the changes in academic studies of Buddhism; the commercial aspect - tourism (capitalising on the huge Buddhist community on mainland China); social welfare, specifically centres for youth and children; and politics as prominent figures in local leading Buddhists' organisations have aligned themselves with the establishment.

I have never been religious, in its true sense though. On those rarely occasions that I prayed to Guangyin (Goddess of Mercy), I asked her to have pity on me and help me to pass in some exams, especially on mathematics. Years ago, I read this book by CG Jung "The Undiscovered Self" (the book is still with me, though I could not find the related parts) and a part on religion and spirituality has been stuck on me since. I guess it says something like it is our instinct that we need spirituality, no matter how advanced our intelligence. I believe at some stage in my life I will become religious and spiritual and recognise the need to define my existence and identity (I believe material belongings will not fulfill this need).

I have been influenced by a relative, an American, who is interested in Buddhism. We share CDs of Buddhist music, attend some Buddhists' activities in Hong Kong, dabble a lit bit on books on Buddha's teachings. And on several visits to Bangkok, we have visited wats (Thai for temples), and looked at Buddhism art objects (he collects antique Buddha statues, mainly from Burma and northern Thailand). One of his friends in Bangkok is Buddhist and I have been fascinated by his sharing of religious experience. I watch, only occasionally, some programme on the Buddhist channel Dai-Ai from Taiwan, and am quite mesmerised by a nun's teachings about the appreciation of simple things in life. I find Buddhism peaceful, this world would become much better if the leadership of some superpowers were Buddhists.

Initially, I would like to invite you to visit my blog and leave comments and thoughts at your leisure. Also I would very much appreciate it if you could give me some ideas about how to proceed further from here and pass the URL of my blog around to other alumni or anyone who might be interested in the topic.

Best regards and have a nice day.

Wilson Lau

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool blog you've got here. Thank you for it. I like such topics and everything connected to them. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.