Birds Immortal

Sleeping on your poems
3650 days in a coma
without shedding a drop of tear
in a climate of low pressure.
“Never say goodbye”
Fingers of a loving hand
hold you close to
caress the wounds
bandaged by words

In the turbulence with no direction,
Turning right or left didn't make a difference,
death was the destination.
I crossed my legs
faced a wall against you
inside a prison where
hearts could not be jailed
despite the bugs on the phone,
and letters read by others.

Not a word from you, even doves
flew from New York to Guizhou
had lost direction
in the sky I wrote,
“I miss you !”
and stood on the wounds to look up
the flower that drank tears
until walls turned into a void.

Void, how could a void be imprisoned ?
What could be taken when you wanted
Nothing, not even poem ?
What could be confiscated when you possessed
Nothing, not even love ?
Small, I grew,
smaller and smaller,
finally I diminished into

In nothingness,
I grew
tall, taller and taller
by standing on sufferings, so that
nothing could block my eyes,
nothing, not even a drop of tear.
No tear were the days
I closed my eyes.
Suddenly you came,
Without legs.
I looked you in the eyes,
Without eyes.
When there was nothing,
there was no distance between you and I.

It must be the bird from Guizhou
Stands by my window without invitation.
3650 days I looked for you,
Not only you,
Also the birds
dead, alive, and immortal !

(July 5, 2006 – final draft July 6, 2006 -
translated original version from Chinese into English July 21, 2006)


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